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Summary :

Throwmotion is a 2 – 4 player party game, combining the gracious movements of figureskating and the chaotic action of dodgeball.

This was project 1 out of 4 at Futuregames and took 2 weeks to produce.

The project group consisted of 4 Designers:

  • Alexander Lund
  • Jimmy Hansson
  • Angehlica Wallin – Halling
  • Aksel Englund

As well as 4 3D – Artists

  • Robin Albertsson
  • Sanna Berg
  • Erik Hammarb├Ąck
  • Linus Scheffel




Due to the short nature of the project efforts were very scattered , but my main focus during this project was on the following areas:

  • Combat
    I worked on the aiming and firing of dodgeballs, as well as implementation of character associated effects.
  • Movement (secondary)
    Assisted in character movement behavior, effects and tuning.
  • Gameplay Design
Throwmotion - Player Aim / Fire

Throwmotion - Ball Blueprint