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Out Of The Abyss


Out of the abyss is a First Person Shooter with randomised levels and weaponry.

Attempt to escape the city by powering up its central elevator. But to do this you must descend into its dangerous depths, battle that which lurks beneath and find the power generators.


This was project 3 out of 4 at Futuregames and took 6 and a half weeks to produce along with two weeks of preproduction.

The project group consisted of 3 Designers:

  • Alexander Lund
  • Linus Thorelli
  • Henry Helin

As well as 4 3D – Artists:

  • Andreas Olsson
  • Jesper Hedin
  • Joseph Stameus
  • Zackarias Nilsson

With 2 2D – Artists:

  • Jonatan WallĂ©n
  • Julia Nilsson

And Music from:

  • Tobias Stameus


Contributions :


My role in this project was as one of two scripters as well as a designer and Product Owner.

My main contributions were:

  • The Weapon System (Main and modules)
    The weapon system is comprised of an orb launcher as well as default projectiles. During the game the player randomly acquires Modules (component scripts) that override the behaviors of the projectile and corresponding effects. This was designed due to early plans involving multiple different slots to modify behaviors to customise your own weapon further, but a lot of the functionality was streamlined due to time constraints.
OOTA - Base Projectile Script



This is the base projectile component which contains default logic for when the player has no module equipped.



OOTA - Weapons Manager Script

This Script handles all weapon functionality (switching slot / checking for current modules / effects)





  • The Module Variations
    These are the different upgrades players can obtain and use to configure their weapon loadout.
OOTA Primary Module Base


This is the base module class that modules inherit from.





OOTA - Black Hole Module

This Module Attracts and deals continuous damage to objects in range.


OOTA - Impulse/pull Module

This module attracts nearby objects for a short duration, then releases a sudden burst of force and damage.



OOTA - Focused Module

This module changes the behavior into a more focused, bullet like projectile which deals large single target damage.


  • HUD / UI / Menu
    The UI and menus during gameplay underwent a few iterations were the earliest ones used Drag & Drop functionality, this was based on the early plans for multiple modification slots for the weapon. This was however changed to a more conventional click style menu as the pace of the game increased and the modifications were simplified.
OOTA Module Inventory/Menu Controller


This script handles most of the in game module menu functionality (with a few smaller component scripts being referenced for minor functions) as well as checking which modules are currently available.




  • Enemies
    Due to limited capabilities of animation and rigging, we created one basic enemy with a few alternatives of behavior/size and capabilities to offer variety during gameplay. I worked on implementing animations, hitboxes, the basic AI behaviors and some of the variants of alternative enemies.
  • VFX
    I worked in conjunction with our VFX artist to prototype/iterate on and implement most of the effects in the game, with some exceptions being handled by our other scripter.