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Norn is a VR experience / Tech Demo where you assume the role of one of two sisters and live out a day in a nordic inspired fantasy setting.

This was a project done in conjuction with a bachelor thesis during my studies at BTH Karlshamn. The goal was to try out different techniques to achieve immersion and emotional connections in VR.

The project group consisted of 2 Scripters:

  • Alexander Lund
  • Michael Grahn

Two 3D artists:

  • Johan Qvarfordt
  • Niklas Guth Karlsson

Producer / Product Owner:

  • Johan Ronner

Two Audio Engineers:

  • Ted Anderberg
  • Joakim Rosén



My role during this project was as a Scripter and Designer. Most of the group were involved in alot of cross discipline areas, but my main focuses were:


  • Interaction Designs
  • VR full body Rig
    Setup, Implementation and communications with 3D artists
  • AI / Animations
    Motion captured with 4 vive controllers / Dialogue implementation
  • User experience
  • General Design

Norn Playthrough