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Little Reaper


Little Reaper is a 2D platformer in which you shoulder the mantle of deaths daughter trying to undo a cataclysmic event, as well as save her father.

This was project 2 out of 4 at Futuregames and took 4 weeks of production as well as 1 week of preproduction to produce.

The project group consisted of 4 Designers:

  • Alexander Lund
  • Daniel Sandin
  • Atle Bjerkerud
  • Rasmus Wallin

As well as 4 3D – Artists:

  • Jesper Hedin
  • Hedda Peterson
  • Jimmy Toumi
  • Carl Trädgårdh

And 2D – Artists:

  • Josefin Bomark
  • Marie Sommerdahl

With Music / Audio from:

  • Nick Red

Contributions :


My role during this project was as one of two scripters, with the other scripter being mostly focused on Movement and Combat.

Due to this i focused mainly on:

System Scripting:

  • Level Management / Transitions
  • Audio Triggers
  • Level Hazards
  • Enemy AI
  • Animation Blueprints
  • Optimising Scenes

Asset Implementation:

  • Animation Iteration / Implementation for Character
  • Assisting with 3D asset implementation