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Doodle Drifter


Doodle Drifter is the fourth out of four projects at Futuregames i have been a part of. This is a 2D platformer out on Android Phones, utilising touch controls to paint Doodles path as it traverses  several gorgeous landscapes.

Doodle Drifter is out now for Android devices on Google Play.

Check it out here!

The project group consists of 6 designers:

  • Alexander Lund
  • Aleksander Salasoo
  • Simon Laserna
  • Lennart Holmgren
  • David Eliasson
  • Henry Helin

As well as 4 2D – Artists:

  • Jonatan WallĂ©n
  • Josefin Bomark
  • Julia Nilsson
  • Sanne Karlsson


My Role:

My role during this project was Lead Designer and system scripter.

Main Contributions:

  • Gameplay Design
  • Camera
  • Level Manager / Level Transition handling
  • Event Manager System

DD - Event manager

The event manager system acts as a static messaging system, allowing easy access to subscribe/unsubscribe/trigger event calls.
The first iteration handled general unity event calls based on enum states, and was expanded to allow for different event calls and passing of parameters.