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About Me

Hi! My name is Alexander Lund, a game developer from Norrköping and currently studying at Futuregames in Stockholm.

As a gamedeveloper i am mostly focused on gameplay scripting and design, but i am interested in all aspects of game development. As a designer and scripter i enjoy conceptualising new ideas and prototyping / iterating to see what works, as well as why it works. Besides this i also find level design very interesting and hope to expand in that area whenever i can.

I am currently studying at Futuregames, a two-year vocational education focused on game design. This has allowed me to get a greater understanding of game design and production as a whole, improved my scripting skills, and experienced fields such as UX,QA and level design in much greater detail then before. Besides the aformentioned subjects, this also included four game projects which offered alot of insight on coordination and production pipelines, as well as scoping correctly and determining how to optimise the experience for the user. As a part of these projects i have taken on the roles of Product Owner and Lead Designer, as well as handling coordination between disciplines.

I also know the basics of 3D modeling / UV mapping / texturing using Maya and can make basic assets for concepts/prototypes.